Garden Installation

We recommend raised beds for instant gardening success. We can coach you through the DIY garden box installation process, or our team can install a raised garden bed for you. Our 4’x8’x12” standard garden box uses local, untreated lumber plus our veggie blend compost/topsoil mix. Prices start at $675, and we can build custom lengths, widths and heights to fit your space. We can also install timer-run drip irrigation systems.


Garden Guidance

Our most popular service! Since we can garden year-round in the Lowcountry, we divide the year into two planting seasons – Spring + Summer Season beginning in February and Fall + Winter Season beginning in September. A Rita’s Roots Garden Expert works one-on-one with you in your garden to keep you on the planting calendar and to teach you all aspects of raising homegrown organic vegetables, flowers and herbs. We work with you (and your children!) to teach soil preparation, planting, watering, fertilization, insect and disease management, crop rotation, harvest, preservation, and more. Garden Guidance visits range from 60-90 minutes and are scheduled every 2-5 weeks depending on your experience and request. Garden Guidance helps keep you on track with the planting calendar which is crucial in our climate. With Garden Guidance we advise you regarding the effects of current weather conditions. Finally, we take care of sourcing high quality organic gardening materials, such as plants, seeds, fertilizers, compost, sprays, trellises, etc. We bring it all to you!

Garden Maintenance

Want fresh vegetables and a beautiful garden, but can’t find the time to tend? We offer the same high-quality service and care as Garden Guidance all while you are out. We can even deliver the harvest to your door. A Rita’s Roots Garden Expert tends to your garden every 1-2 weeks and brings all supplies necessary to grow you a beautifully productive organic garden.

Garden Growers Club

Garden Walk

We come to your garden for a walk and assess your garden troubles to offer you solutions to get you back on the path to productivity.

Garden Planning

Already have a garden, but not satisfied with the results or uncertain of what to do next? Rita’s Roots can create a DIY planting and maintenance plan for your garden and be your source for high quality organic gardening materials including plants, seeds, soils, fertilizers and more.

The Butterfly Container Garten + Pop-up Shop

Rita’s Roots offers seasonal plant sales and garden classes held at the Container Garten at 1630 Meeting Street. We have a pop up shop open on sale and class days offering the essential garden supplies we use in our client’s gardens – compost, potting soil, tools, sprays, seeds, and more. Follow us on instagram @ritasroots to stay tuned or join our mailing list for alerts.

Other Services

School Gardens
Restaurant Gardens

Potted Edibles and Flowers
Soil Testing