Our work together begins with a site assessment and consultation at your home or garden

A Rita’s Roots Garden Expert coordinates an on-site assessment and consultation with you to determine the best location for your garden. Gardens need 6+ hours of direct sun per day to be productive. We utilize a solar pathfinder, an instrument that tells us exactly how much sun any location receives throughout the hours of the day and the months of the year. If your yard is shady, we can use the solar pathfinder to assess limb and tree removal to create sun space.

After a site is selected we create a plan for garden installation + service level. We can offer you our sources for DIY garden installation, or we can select a garden box size to install for you.

Now the fun part! Vegetable, Flower + Herb selection. Choose from an extensive list of garden plant possibilities to grow in your home organic garden.

The On-site Assessment and Consultation typically last about an hour with an investment of $125.  We can also do a 1 hour Garden Walk for the same investment.

To request a Site Assessment and Consultation, please fill out the form below: