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Step 1:  Site Assessment

Our experienced staff pays a personal visit to your yard to assess its possibility forgrowing fruits and vegetables. We use our nifty Solar Pathfinder to determine the best location for the garden and may take soil samples for testing. The Site Assessment is $75 which will be applied to any raised-bed installation. Soil testing ranges from $35-$85 depending on further needed analysis. sunmeter

Step 2:  Garden Survey

After determining the garden’s potential, the client fills out a garden survey of the variety and quantity of vegetables and plants they want to grow and their short-term and long-term garden goals.


Step 3:  Action Plan

We work together to determine the following courses of action to turn your garden dream into a
reality. The next step may include a Garden Design, Installation, Soil Revitalization, Guidance and Planting.

Rita's Roots provides all the materials, fertilizers, composts, plants and seeds that you will need for your garden.


Step 4:  Garden Planting and Guidance

Once the garden and soil are installed and amended, we plant your garden together using plants and seeds provided by Rita’s Roots. We can then set up a maintenance or guidance schedule.

getting started


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